Partnering with B3 Infotech can be advantageous to you both in terms of cost-savings and in terms of increasing the volume of your business.

There are two kinds of partnerships we form at b3 Infotech.

Outsourcing Partnerships

We are constantly looking to partner with leading marketing firms, graphic design firms, website development firms and application development firms from around the world.

If you are interested in outsourcing your work to take advantage of cost-savings while maintaining high-quality, then a partnership with b3 Infotech maybe a good option.

We have had tremendous success in working with partners from a number of countries, and over 90% of our business is repeat business. We believe that our success is closely tied together with that of our partners and do our best to work well as a team.

Marketing Partnerships

  • Wide breadth of web & application development services across the entire IT

We are looking to partner with individuals and firms who have strong marketing and networking skills to market our services and products to a wider audience. The benefits of outsourcing to India are immense and already proven. However, take a look at the unique advantages of working with b3 Infotech.

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